Hey Light Lovers,

So the time has come to move on. Thanks again, Mary for all your hospitality and support!
Time for change! Go out there and find beauty.
And where to start...    
Well.. Let me first walk up to the busstand in front of Mary Stuarts' residence.
Click on the map on the left to see where that is, the orange busstop.

What a lovely woman, Ava Waits!
See more of her at www.AvaWaits.com

Hey Light Lovers!

So today I took my camera and 'went out there' as Mary suggested.
See the movie below.
Hope you like it.  It was wonderful to do. Just to be outside and in the snow, wow!
I love the way snow can shimmer.
Hi Light lovers!

Mary invited me today. She gave me a present and some really good tips.
Here's what she said:

Welcome Psychynaut,

We have noticed you feel stuck.
We are very sorry indeed.
We know the potion of orange blossom may give you relieve.
Please understand you are of the fourth plane.
You need beauty to release this tension.
Engage your senses.
Find beauty
And let that beauty help people in change.

So go out there
Create beauty of sight and sound

We so wish to help you
Therefor let us give you this suitcase
So you may collect and store all the beauty, tools and tips that may support you and yours on your path.
For the highest good of all 
Go Now!
Be on your way.

Mary, Princess Royale of Orange

Wow! So now I've got this suitcase and a mission:
Find beauty...

Where to start?


Orange blossom oil by Mary © Studio Strik
Hey Light Lovers!

It's been a while since I've updated the news in the Mindtravel..
I feel a little stuck and forlorn in this castle.
The Princess Royale (Mary..) has been ever so sweet to me; she gave me a present today.
That shed some light in the darkness!

Here's what she wrote:

Dear Niene of the Moodlab,

We give our psychynaut travellers a special potion of orange blossom oil, it is made from our beautiful orange trees (Citrus sinensis) we carefully preserve in our Orangery in de garden outside your virtual art-residence. It is a first-aid when it comes to fear and emotional excaustion. The oil helps in strengthen your creativity, a knowledge which dates back long long time ago and was given by our ancestors of orange. It is a sunny oil to nurture your skin on a deep level, and heals your creativity.

Use it every morning after your bath. Then drink the fresh orangejuice which springs from our fountains. Did you already see the orangejuice fountains yet? May your stay be as pleasant as possible.

Royal blessings,

Mary Stuart Princess of Orange

Thank you Mary!
I will use it for sure.






Hey Light Lovers!

Finally... I have arrived at Mary Stuart's residency!
I, ehm... have to say:
I'm not too sure about this place...

I don't know... 
The Princess Royale seems nice enough, but 
while I was speaking to her she seemed to be fading in and out..
As if she were a ghost..?
Had to really make an effort to understand what she was saying. 
I guess this is what she must have said:

Good evening psychynaut!
I am Mary Stuart. Welcome to my residence.
We hope you are well
We take it you must be fatiqued after your long journey?
It is our wish that Jeeves will take you to your chambers.
We will address you later.
You have a pleasant stay.

Well.. here I am.
Quite a cold and dark place. 
Not polite to complain, though..

It all is turning out to be quite an adventure...
Maybe it'll all seem different in the morning.
I'd better get off to sleep and get some rest.


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Source 2
Hey Light Lovers!

Hope you had a wonderful christmas.
I just received a little message of Studio Stik...
You can view it here
That's so sweet! It's getting pretty dark out here...
Thanks Vero & Studio Strik


Hey Light Lovers!

So... We're still here.... 
At the darkest day of the year... 
Pfheeeiiuw!  Glad  we survived that one. 
And great to see you back!

I just received a message from Studio Stik!  Here it is:

A key to Mary Steward Residence...
Quite influential they must be, Studio Strik, having keys of castles...

So I guess I can proceed my travel after all...
Great! Let me get my things and be on my way!